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UPDATE (03/30): Nintendo has updated the Miitomo home page with a deadline for preregistration; 1:00am Pacific Time. Given that the preregistration page claims it “ends at the launch of Miitomo”, we could see the app hit iTunes and Google Play at that time in North America.


Europe, however, has been told to expect a gradual roll-out throughout the day.

Finally, weeks after it launched in Japan, Miitomo is making its way West on March 31st, as confirmed by Nintendo of America and Nintendo UK. With it also comes the launch of more My Nintendo features, such as the new rewards programme and a more flexible eShop that can be accessed via web browser.

Preregistration is still open, contrary to previous reports, and will remain open until the app launches. It’s worth signing up as it will grant you some free My Nintendo Platinum Points which can be used for redeeming the aforementioned rewards.


In a press release announcing the launch, Nintendo emphasises the fact Miitomo has already surpassed 1 million users in Japan. It will definitely be interesting to see how well it performs in much larger territories, and how this performance will affect the company’s future mobile ventures.

Stay tuned for more Miitomo and My Nintendo coverage as and when it happens!

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Written by Tom Brown

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