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With Star Fox Zero less than a month away it’s starting to find its way into waiting hands. Thanks to a recent stream from AbdallahSmash026, we now know of a brand new feature in the title, and an amiibo one at that. When scanning the Falco figure a unique variation on the classic Arwing is unlocked for use. Befitting of the ace pilot, the new Black Arwing reportedly takes three times as much damage as the standard model, encouraging a thorough understanding of aerial maneuvers. That frailty comes with a great payoff though, as it also allows for two targets to be locked on to at a given time! Whether it be to take on multiple bogies or to quickly exploit a pair of weak points on stronger ships the Black Arwing’s got you covered.


This wasn’t the only amiibo unlock on display, though, as the SNES styled Retro Arwing got some attention as well. When scanning a Fox amiibo not only will you be piloting the ship, but it sounds like your wingmen will also be decked out in their classic style.

Star Fox fans old and new only have to wait a bit longer, as Star Fox Zero will be out April 22nd. For all the latest news (especially with the game now in streamers hands), keep your eyes on Nintendo Inquirer for any further updates!

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Written by Ricky Berg

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