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Japan gets all the cool stuff first! Not that we’re complaining… but it’s true.

Once again, the Japanese Badge Arcade has received a plethora of super cute (and awesome) badges, and we can’t help but drool over all 73 of them.



If you’re interested in seeing what the catchers look like, we’ve got you covered! Have a look:

Nintendo Inquirer’s very own Amiibo Jason played his heart out on his Japanese 2DS just so he could acquire as many of the Pokémon badges as possible. As luck– and talent– would have it, the plays were a success! Here’s a shot of the home menu sporting a few of his wins.


Hopefully these badges will make their way to the West soon. Stay tuned to Badge Arcade News on Twitter for daily badge updates!

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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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