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A little over three months into 2016 and we’ve already seen four plushes from the Pokémon 20th Anniversary line hit store shelves. Pikachu, Mew, Celebi and Jirachi have all been available for purchase for fans– if they’re lucky, that is! With the hype of the anniversary so high, Pokémon fans have been flocking to stores to find the special plushes, making some of the toys difficult to find for those who didn’t get to retailers like GameStop and Toys”R”Us as soon as new stock arrived.

Who can blame the excited collectors though? Look how adorable every single release has been so far! Not only are they cute as individual plushes, but they really shine when they’re displayed together as a group.


April might not have arrived yet, but that didn’t stop Jirachi from appearing at random Toys”R”Us locations across North America a little early. Reports with photos of Jirachi from collectors on Twitter started to appear two weeks into March, which leads us to believe that we may continue to see early availability for other Pokémon plushes that are planned for release throughout the rest of 2016.

Just as a reminder, here’s a list of what Pokémon plushes to expect in upcoming months:

    April – Jirachi
    May – Darkrai
    June – Manaphy
    July – Shaymin
    August – Arceus
    September – Victini
    October – Keldeo
    November – Genesect
    December – Meloetta

With plushes arriving at stores earlier than expected, it might be a good idea to keep this release lineup in mind so you have a chance to collect your favorites!

Whether you’ve already started collecting the plushes or you’re just getting into nabbing them now, you might want to check out one of our current giveaways. Up for grabs is March’s Celebi plush, along with the Mythical Collection Celebi card and matching pin! Check out the tweet below for entry details.

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