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The hype for Splatoon merchandise has been real as of late! With the announcement of the Splattershot squirt gun coming out in Japan being the latest in much of Splatoon’s conquest over the world, fans should really be expecting more and more merch as time goes on.

Famitsu has just published a page outlining the newest piece of Splatoon merchandise, based off another weapon in the game. This time, expect to see real life Roller, though instead of rolling paint, this little guy will be rolling up… lint.


I know it might seem a little silly that a lint roller, of all things, will be part of the official Splatoon merchandise lineup, but when you consider what a Roller is, there aren’t many options in the first place. It’s at least cool to see Japan really expanding its ideas and thinking outside the box!

No word yet on if this will be available outside of Japan, but in Japan it looks like it can be expected for release the week of April 5th. Not too far from now!

What other kinds of Splatoon merchandise do you want to see made? Let us know with a comment!


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Written by George Comatas

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