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Fire Emblem Fates, which has still not seen a release in New Zealand and Australia, just recently received its release date of May 21st. And, just like in Japan and the U.S., New Zealand and Australia are also receiving a special edition of the game that releases the same day. As anyone who was even remotely involved in the Fates hype would suspect, the special edition of Fates for New Zealand and Australia sold out almost immediately, leaving many fans upset and frustrated at the small window they were available.

However, if you live in either of these two regions, luck may be on your side! On its official Facebook page, Nintendo has just announced that it will be producing a “limited-quantity second shipment” that will be supplied to retailers at the end of May, after the initial release of the game. Nintendo currently encourages fans to check their local retailers for preorder availability.


It’s interesting that Nintendo seems to be acknowledging the enthusiasm and large demand for the special edition in these regions, yet we saw virtually nothing in the U.S. Could this possibly be a sign that we’ll be seeing a restock, albeit a late one, in the US sometime soon? Fingers crossed!

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Written by George Comatas

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