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UPDATE (2/20): Our old school looking Pocket Monsters 2DS hard pouch made by HORI just arrived from Japan– and we’re thrilled with how perfectly it matches the system! The case was definitely made for this particular edition of the 2DS. Not only do the two work well together aesthetically, but the case does a nice job functioning as a travel pouch. It also carries three 3DS game cartridges inside, so it’ll be easy gaming on the go.

At the moment, the case is only available through Japanese vendors on sites like Amazon and eBay. Needless to say, we’d love to see it more readily available in the West with a cheaper price tag!

Have a look at the 2DS with the matching case in our gallery. Simply scroll down the page to view the two new additions.

Our Pokémon Green 2DS just arrived and we love it! Nostalgia hit us hard after seeing the transparent system casing and hearing that classic game intro start up. We thought you’d enjoy sharing in the experience, so here’s a video showcasing the system’s unboxing. And if you want an even closer look at this Japan exclusive, check out the hi-res photo gallery below!

Watch the unboxing video

View the hi-res photo gallery

Click each image to view the photo in its full size. Enjoy!




Updated gallery, featuring the matching Pokémon 2DS case



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