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As it finds its way into more and more hands, the Miitomo info keeps on coming. Thanks to Twitter user @serkantoto, we have a few screenshots showing off what microtransactions the game has within, as well as a look at a minigame playable for clothing items. Keep in mind that even though these shots are in English, a Japanese account is still required on your service of choice.


In regards to microtransactions, within the app store the game advertises an option to buy 1,000 Miitomo coins for 120 yen, which is likely to become a $1 charge in the American version based on the exchange rate. Once the game is delved into a bit deeper, one will find further monetization at varied intervals, reaching as high as 105,000 Miitomo coins for 8,000 yen. As is the practice in many a mobile game, the more real money a player is willing to pay, a higher bonus amount is added to sweeten the deal.

The aforementioned minigame takes the form of a pachinko-like machine, costing about fifty cents to play (again, based on the current exchange), in the form of 500 Miitomo coins. A mention is also made of being able to directly purchase certain items, listing a jacket at about $3 (USD). All in all, these rates seem to be in line with many other mobile titles, and while the practice as a whole is often irksome only time will tell how it will be accepted in Miitomo.

As a final footnote, the launch for the global version should be later this month. The very first English trailer for the app was just released, so we know it’s coming soon! Keeps your eyes here for more updates on the Japanese version as they come to light, and look forward to even more, fuller coverage once it launches overseas.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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