Just last week, it was announced that Japanese magazine Pikopuri would be including an exclusive K.K. Slider amiibo card variant. The only way to obtain this magazine for all collectors in the West was by importing it from sites like Amazon or eBay– and we, of course, couldn’t resist!

The latest issue of Pikopuri arrived just today and we dove right in to get ahold of the highly anticipated card. Just like the previous exclusive amiibo card (which featured Isabelle), we were extremely happy with our findings. Not only was the card presented in a nice fashion by being tucked safely inside a K.K. Slider themed envelope, but lots of other Animal Crossing goodies were included. From a sticker sheet, to the cute plastic folio, to the extra mini QR code magazine, we were thrilled with the entire experience.

Once again, we’ve put together a hi-res image gallery for you. This time, the gallery showcases the K.K. Slider card among all of the other Animal Crossing items it was packaged with.

Click each image to view the photo in its full size. Enjoy!







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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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