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To those who may be out of the loop, Miitomo, Nintendo’s first mobile application, just launched in Japan yesterday. The app is the start of a new era for Nintendo as it starts to experiment and expand its horizon– and we’re sure this is going to be just the first of many successful application launches for the company.

That being said, anyone with a Japanese iTunes or Google Play accounts is able to download the new app, and plenty of people last night did to get a first look at it.

When you go to create a Mii, your phone will function much the same way a 3DS does when you create a Mii there. By using your front-facing camera, you’re able to auto-generate a a Mii using a picture of your own face. Or, alternatively, you can build it from scratch if you’re not happy with what you get!


The whole point of Miitomo is to act as a social “in-between” for you and your friends, meaning you’ll learn more about them and interact with them in ways that you normally wouldn’t. So, right after creating your Mii, you’re asked a series of questions about yourself, all which contribute to form the basis of a quiz that your friends are able to take to earn points in the game.

As Miitomo is meant to be accessible to all smartphone users, not necessarily just die hard Nintendo fans, a Nintendo Account isn’t required to be able to download Miitomo and create a Mii within. However, having a Nintendo Account certainly proves beneficial, as it allows you to complete missions (such as linking Twitter/Facebook or adding friends) and access your Mii from multiple devices through it.


Adding and connecting with your friends is a fairly simple process, with being in the same room as another user being a reliable way of connection with others. Additionally, you can let Miitomo access your Facebook or Twitter accounts, and have it detect and other Miitomo players in your network through that.

There’s a rewards points system in the game as well, which can be earned by completing missions in game. Rewards points can be used in the in-game shop, or to play the minigame Miitomo Drop: a pinball/arcade claw machine that allows you to play for prizes. The points used to shop or play Miitomo Drop can also be bought using real-life money, too, but this isn’t necessary or required.


Miitomo, overall, seems to be very similar to other social networking games, and it definitely encourages you to check it at least once a day. While it’s only out in Japan right now, it’s supposed to see its worldwide release sometime this month. In fact, the very first English trailer for the app was just released, and we highly recommend checking it out. And if you want a better understanding of how the microtransactions work, more info has also recently been provided.

Stay tuned for more news on Nintendo’s first app, and find out exactly when it will be available to others overseas!

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