We Love Fine, the company known for selling officially licensed merchandise designed “for fans by fans,” has introduced its newest line of plushes– and it’s geared right at all you Shovel Knight fans! Just this week, pre-orders for four new plushes of our favorite gallant hero and three popular characters of the series were made available. Plague Knight, Shield Knight, Troupple King, and Shovel Knight himself have been introduced in glorious plush form in the Shovel Knight Plush Collection. Have a look for yourself!


Each plush is made of 100% polyester and is priced at $28, plus shipping. The group varies in size, ranging from 7 inches in height (Troupple King) to 12 inches tall (Shield Knight). Make sure to check the product descriptions of each listing to get the full scoop of every plush! Some cool features specific to certain plushes really make their personalities come alive in soft collectible form. For example, Shield Knight’s shield is removable from her arm– and it’s magnetized! Shovel Knight and Plague Knight also have magnetic features, and let’s not forget Troupple King, who talks.

Hop on over to their individual product pages to read all their pre-order details:

… Or have a look at all of the Shovel Knight products!

If you’re familiar with We Love Fine products, you already know how well made and beautifully crafted every single plush is. And if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of owning one of the company’s products, I highly recommend picking up one (or more) sometime soon! The plushes bring favorite vivid characters fans love to life, and it’s hard not to adore them even more when they’re displayed around the home or workspace.

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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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