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A lot of incredibly creative and unique Animal Crossing themed items have popped up on Etsy over the years, thanks to very talented artists in the gaming community. And this newest product that’s hit the scene has most definitely caught the eyes of many! Artist AntBearCo offers customers the opportunity to create their very own custom Animal Crossing mayor figures.


These resin based customs come in four different mayor molds that provide a wide array of features to customize. Details like the hair shapes, the colors of the clothes, the logos on clothes, and even the pattern that appears on the clothing, are all available for customization on the figures. And if anyone is unsure of what they want their mayors to look like on the spot, the figures come unpainted by default– so keeping a figure blank for a while is always an option. In other words, customers have a nice amount of control over how they want their mayors to look!


Based on the photos and mockups AntBearCo has provided both new and previous customers, it’s easy to see that they have an eye for detail. It’s wonderful to see such a talented artist focusing on our favorite life sim game.

If you’ve been itching to add a custom figure based on your mayor to your Animal Crossing collection, or maybe you want a figure to keep the rest of your Animal Crossing amiibo company (wink, wink), we highly recommend checking out AntBearCo!

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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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