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With Star Fox Zero (after a number of delays) finally getting its release in just a month, we’re sure fans are starting to get excited. And in the midst of all the excitement, many are bound to pre-order their copies of the upcoming Wii U title to ensure they can get their hands on it.

If you’re still deciding whether or not you want to pre-order, you may want to consider heading over to your local GameStop to put down a deposit. Nintendo is no stranger to pre-order bonuses when it comes to its first party games, and Star Fox Zero is no different. Upon reserving the game, fans will receive a fun Fighter Patch– something to attach to a jacket or backpack, not an update to the game.


The patch will only be available while stock lasts and it comes at no extra cost to the game. It’s a neat way to show off your love for the series in a more subtle way. Maybe it’ll even make you feel like part of the fleet!

Star Fox Zero hits store shelves on April 22nd, just a little over a month away. So if you’re interested in this small treat, make your way to a GameStop near you, or hop online, take advantage of this offer today!

Pre-order your copy of Star Fox Zero at GameStop today!

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Written by George Comatas

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