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Few developers took advantage of the DS quite like the Japanese studio Cing. Working closely with Nintendo, they created the niche hit Another Code/Trace Memory and later went on to make two games starring former detective Kyle Hyde; Hotel Dusk and Last Window.

Unfortunately, despite these games being critically acclaimed their sales were sluggish, and Cing sadly declared bankruptcy back in 2010.

Don’t despair though; former developers from the studio and Taisuke Kanasaki, director of all three aforementioned DS titles, are coming together to create a brand new game: -CHASE- Unsolved Cases Division. Take a look at the first piece of artwork from the game’s official teaser site:


The upcoming 3DS eShop release is described as a “hard-boiled” adventure game, which makes it sound like we’ll be filling the boots of a police detective this time around. Not only that, but the man on the right bares more than a passing resemblance to Kyle Hyde himself.

chase3 chase4

-CHASE- Unsolved Cases Division will be published by Arc System Works in Japan. This may be a good sign for a future Western release, as the studio has worked to bring over niche games like Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters and XBLAZE in the past.

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Written by Tom Brown

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