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The first images of this month’s CoroCoro have come out, and we finally have details surrounding the distribution of the upcoming legendary Pokémon Volcanion.


In Japan, the Fire/Water-type legendary will be made available via pre-booking ticket distribution for the upcoming movie “Volcanion & The Ingenious Magearna.” The event will run for three months, from April 16th to July 15th, but the serial code that comes with the movie ticket will be redeemable until September 30th.

Volcanion will come at level 70 and will have the moves Steam Eruption, Overheat, Hydro Pump, and Mist. It will also be holding a Rage Candy bar.


No news yet on its distribution in any other regions, but be sure to stay tuned as more information comes along!

Thanks to Serebii for the translations!

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