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Star Fox Zero, the long-awaited and highly anticipated new game in the titular series that’s coming to the Wii U, has just had its opening movie released on Nintendo’s official Japanese YouTube. Interestingly enough, the video is unlisted, meaning that it can only be accessed if a link is provided. It’s possible that it was uploaded this way in preparation for an official release sometime soon.

While the video is in Japanese, any fan of the series should be able to get the gist of the three minute scene, where it briefly explains the history and story of the series and other games in the franchise via a voiceover and text that appears on screen, accompanied by still visuals. However, even fans who are newer to the series should be able to pick up some familiar names! The images provided in the background are absolutely gorgeous, and give us a good measure of what the game is going to look like. And even though this isn’t the first time we’re seeing something from the upcoming game, more visuals are fun to see after waiting for so long.

Check out the video below!

Star Fox Zero will be released worldwide April 22nd, just a day after it’s Japanese release on April 21st.

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