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With Fire Emblem Fates having been out in America for almost two weeks now, Nintendo has elaborated a bit more during today’s Direct on some of the upcoming downloadable content that will be released in March. The most substantial piece, the Revelation storyline, will be releasing March 10th. This creates a third path at the Branch of Fate that occurs during Chapter 6. Eschewing the dilemma of which family to support, Revelation has you carve your own path separate from Nohr and Hoshido. By rejecting both sides it will allow a fuller look at the events of the game and give the complete insight to the narrative. While it’s featured on the Special Edition cartridge for the lucky few with it, next week will be the first chance to download it. A new option, Explore Fates, will appear on the main menu, with the full storyline costing $19.99.


Also available will be smaller additional maps that can be played in any of the campaigns. While a few of these have already been released, including the free “Before Awakening” map, these new ones will offer some new elements for those who want to see everything the game has to offer. Out today are the Museum Melee and Ghostly Gold maps. These allow players to easily acquire items, including weapons and seals, and gold respectively. Royal Royale will come out March 17th, putting the siblings from both countries at the forefront as they battle to rescue an alternate version of Corrin. All of these maps are available for $2.49 a piece of as part of the $17.99 Map Pack 1.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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