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There’s been recent speculation that Star Fox Zero would receive another delay. Well, Nintendo has put those rumors to rest and has confirmed that Star Fox Zero, along with the newly announced Star Fox Guard, will be ready for launch on April 22nd.


Star Fox Zero

Fans of Star Fox on the Nintendo 64 will feel right at home in Star Fox Zero. The gameplay and structure of Star Fox Zero was designed to resemble the Star Fox on the Nintendo 64, however, the game’s story and map structure were revamped specifically for the Wii U. The game will feature teleporters that will “play an important role in the storyline and also have a big impact on the branching paths on the map.”


During the Direct, Mr. Miyamoto also showed off a stage from the game that has never been seen before. The stage is named Fortuna, a map that will be covered in harmful bio weapons and enemies. Furthermore, maps in the game will feature alternative paths that lead to other levels and bosses. Taking alternative paths may also lead to encounters with Star Wolf and his crew.

A two player mode was also shown off. This mode allows one player to pilot the Arwing with a Pro Controller, while the other mans the guns with the GamePad and has control over shooting.


Tapping a Fox amiibo will allow players to access and pilot the classic Arwing from Star Fox on the Super Nintendo. It was also confirmed that other amiibo will be compatible with the game, but no further details were provided.

Star Fox Guard

Finally, Star Fox Guard was announced. Star Fox Guard was shown off at E3 two years ago– codenamed “Project Guard”– and is now coming bundled with both digital and physical copies of the game.


The game appears to be similar to Tower Defense games and will utilize 12 different camera angles on the GamePad, allowing players to get the best possible view to destroy enemies. The story will follow Grippy, Slippy’s uncle, and the player must help Grippy fight off hordes of space enemies.

Guard will feature over 100 playable missions and will allow fans to design levels and share them online.

Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard will release as a bundle on April 22nd for $59.99.

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