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Next week, Super Mario Maker will receive its third major content update, which will add three new tools and some exciting new features to the game. Since its launch about six months ago, players have uploaded more than 6.2 million courses online. This new set of tools should keep that momentum going strong and could generate some of the most inventive courses yet.

By shaking a Thwomp in the editor, creators can now utilize the skewer– the massive, pounding spiked pillars that debuted in the castles of Super Mario World. Skewers can be placed both horizontally and vertically to pulverize unwitting plumbers.


The next addition is a combination of tools that, when used in tandem, allow for a level of objective in Super Mario Maker that was not previously possible. Shaking P switches and doors will yield keys and locked doors. Keys can be hidden in blocks, or, more interestingly, handed over to enemies for safeguarding. This finally gives level creators a way to force players into encounters in order to progress, and should result in some truly creative, and now mandatory, boss fights.


If forcing a player to battle a few giant Bowsers isn’t your style, there’s another new way to generate keys and force exploration: pink coins. Shaking a coin will turn it into a pink coin, which, when all are collected, will grant a key as well. Maybe you’ll want to hide keys in all of the most obscure corners of your level, or perhaps stage some sort of auto-scrolling coin grab where one missed coin means you reach the end but can’t unlock that final door to the goal. I have a feeling level design is about to get a lot more interesting… and devious.


Alongside these additions to Mario’s toolkit will be a new Super Expert Mode for the 100-Mario Challenge. Unlocking after you’ve cleared Expert, this mode will feed you six of the most difficult levels available, and will come with its own set of exclusive Mystery Mushroom Costume rewards, like pirate princess Tetra.

Finally, the Super Mario Maker Bookmark site will see some minor additions as well. You’ll be able to view top players online based on things like most world records, most first clears, and 100 Mario Challenge clears.

This new update, and all of the crazy potential that it brings, will be available for download on Wednesday, March 9th.

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Written by Brittin Shauers

Brittin literally grew up with Link, Mario and Samus. These three characters and their worlds collectively capture everything that he loves about video games.