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We were waiting on the edge of our seats fort the arrival of Nintendo’s newest cover plates for the New 3DS. And let me tell you, the wait and all the anticipation were well worth it! The plates arrived just today and we can’t get enough of them. Celebrating 150 of the original Pokémon in darling pixel form, Nintendo has really outdone itself with plate design this time.

If you’re wondering, this set of cover plates is shiny– unlike many of the already-released matte plates that might have made their way into your collections already. Luckily, the bright white sheen of the plates makes fingerprints difficult to see in most lighting, and the gloss adds an extra vibrant touch to the highly beloved Pokémon characters.

Personally, we love the plates to death and we’re completely satisfied with ’em. To help illustrate our adoration for the set, we’ve compiled a small list of hi-res photos showing them off in all their cute glory. If you’ve been on the fence about this set, let our gallery below help you out. And hop on over to Amazon to order the plates for yourself!

Click each image to view the photo in its full size. Enjoy!




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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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