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Though rumors of Nintendo and Disney partnering up are not necessarily a new concept, further evidence of a potential partnership between the two companies has apparently come forth, via Hasbro, Inc.

The toy company has reportedly uncovered a movie partnership between Disney and Nintendo. While the story of Mario and Princess Peach or Link and Princess Zelda may lend themselves well to Disney’s 2D animation style, the idea of seeing a collaboration of the two companies is, admittedly, a little strange.

This wave of what’s been dubbed as “NintenDisney” rumors originated from GoNintendo writer rawmeatcowboy, who has supposedly gotten his hands on a Powerpoint presentation from Cisco Systems, Inc., which was put together on Hasbro’s behalf. The presentation was created to see how Hasbro was doing against its rivals, as well as giving “competitor updates” to the toy manufacturer. Disney was included in this list of competitors, and its corresponding slide apparently mentioned that “Nintendo and Disney are coming together to create movies.”


Now, it’s not like the two companies have never worked together before. It’s no secret that we saw Bowser in Wreck-It Ralph, and with Wreck-It Ralph 2 already greenlit and on its way, it’s very possible we could see more Nintendo cameos in the sequel. The Nintendo World Championships were also broadcasted via Disney XD, and the same channel also hosted Clash of Karts, a Mario Kart 8 tournament, back in December. However, these are all relatively small in the grand scheme of things, so to see the two companies working on major films together would be a completely new territory.

What IP do you think Nintendo and Disney would pair up with and work on together? Or, do you think it’s possible that the two powerhouses are working on entirely new IP for a collaboration?

Keep in mind this is all a rumor, and shouldn’t be taken as absolute fact. Until more sources, Nintendo, or Disney, can confirm, take this news with a grain of salt. Still, it’s fun to speculate and wonder where the two companies could go together!

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