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Interesting find today! Thanks to Twitter user RogersBase, a fascinating tidbit of information regarding the Japanese logo of Pokémon Sun and Moon has been brought to our attention.

In the English versions of the Pokémon games, the logos largely stay the same throughout, with slight variations of design depending on the region and version of the game. However, in Japan, this is less true, with the logos often being more dynamic and more telling of the games that they represent.


This became especially apparent when X and Y were first announced, with many speculating the meaning behind the small double helix that appeared in the Japanese logos for the games. This symbol was later revealed to be the symbol for Mega Evolution, a new mechanic that was not only new to the series but also played a huge part in the plot of X and Y, and later Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

In the Japanese Pokémon Sun and Moon logos, a similar symbol appears, however instead of a double helix, the symbol appears to be a diamond-like prism. What could this prism stand for? Well, it just so happens that this is the same form that Burst Hearts take on. If you’re unfamiliar with the Pokémon spin-off manga “ReBurst”, the Burst Heart is a special item that allows Pokémon trainers to perform a “Burst”, in which they combine themselves with a Pokémon, granting them it’s powers and immunities while also increasing the user’s strengths.


It’s worth noting that the symbol in the Sun and Moon logos is suspiciously similar to a Burst Heart, with their colors inverted to match the opposite game’s palette. Could Burst be the next new mechanic that Pokémon introduces into the series? And if so, how could this play into the franchise, and the game’s unannounced plot? Also worth noting is the flame-like shape around the Poké Ball in these logos, which alludes to a comet’s tail. This has never appeared on any other Japanese logo, despite a Poké Ball being featured in all of them since Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

Now, the concept of Pokémon and trainer combinations may sound familiar, and if it does, I’m not surprised. Around the same time Zygarde’s new forms were announced there was another image; one of a Greninja that bore a striking resemblance to Ash Ketchum. At the time fans wondered if this was some kind of special Greninja (similar to Spiky-Eared Pichu), or even a Mega Evolution, but the episode revealing Ash-Greninja has since aired and, while it shares a few similarities to ReBurst, the Greninja simply changed due to its bond with Ash. The anime has yet to explore this phenomenon in detail, though.


Either way it is very likely these mysterious gems hold some importance to the plot, as this isn’t the first time the Japanese logos have provided hints. As stated before, X and Y’s logos had Mega Evolution’s double helix, but Platinum references Giratina’s dimensional cracks and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire had the Primal Orbs.

Do you think this is a simple design element, or a reference to new features to come?

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