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The North American release of Bravely Second may be a couple of months away but the long-awaited follow up launched today in Europe. To celebrate the occasion we got our hands on the Deluxe Collectors edition; an incredibly sleek box filled to the brim with goodies that are sure to please fans of the franchise.

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The most notable inclusion of the European Collector’s Edition is the small Agnès figurine, featuring the character in her new papal attire. Unfortunately, this figure is the one part of the Collector’s Edition that North American fans won’t be getting when it makes its way overseas.


The Agnès figure is well crafted, with meticulous paint work and proportions in-keeping with the art-style of the game. One negative, however, is the fact she struggles to stand up straight: the slightest nudge will send her toppling over. If you’re curious how tall the figure stands check out this amiibo comparison:


As is the case with most modern Collector’s Editions, there is also an artbook. Usually these feel like an after-thought, with just a scant few pages and minimal commentary, but the “Art of Bravely” feels like a tome in comparison. Not only does it feature artwork of almost every major boss and location, making it a potential spoiler minefield, but the final section takes the reader through several pieces of bonus artwork with commentary from the game’s designers. There are over 250 pages in all, so there is plenty for fans to dig into.


We hope you enjoyed our images of the Deluxe Collector’s Edition! Be sure to keep an eye out for a Bravely Second review from us in the near future.


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Written by Tom Brown

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