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UPDATE 2 (18:43 a.m. CST): We also have an image of the Pokémon Yellow theme, which comes with another piece of classic Pikachu art on the touch screen. Check it out:


UPDATE (10:30 a.m. CST): It’s been confirmed that the music played throughout the video below is the tune that will play on the home menu of Pokémon Red and Blue when the two themes (seen below) are in use. Nostalgia trip much? Nintendo really knows how to pull on fans’ heartstrings, that’s for sure!

The Pokémon Red and Blue 3DS bundle is getting released in North America in just a few days (on February 27th!), and with it comes two exclusive home menu themes. While the themes are similar to what Japan 2DS bundles received back in December, there are subtle differences between the two regions’ designs.

Have a look at the two themes!

Pokémon Red


Pokémon Blue


Are you hyped for this release? It’s hard not to get excited with bundles as good as this one! Stay tuned for more Pokémon news as the week continues. There are bound to be a few fun surprises along the way!


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