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An exciting new trailer for the upcoming Pokkén Tournament, appropriately titled “Get Ready for Pokkén Tournament!” has just launched on Pokémon’s official YouTube channel.

As the hype for the game rises with just a month away before release, Pokémon has been getting ready as well. The trailer shows a few separate battles between Lucario and Pikachu, Braixen and Garchomp, and Machamp and Suicune, and the visuals are absolutely gorgeous. We’ve never seen Pokémon rendered in this specific style before, but it really works for the series, and with the dynamic and close up shots of this trailer, we really get to see the series in a light that’s never been shone on it before.

Watching these battles has seriously got me excited for the game, as well. While they’re obviously amped up for a trailer, the battles are still sure to be unique, exciting, and extremely fun, and watching these match-ups that you wouldn’t normally see happen in such detail is really cool.


The trailer ends itself by showing us a clip of Shadow Mewtwo. This clip should seem familiar, as it’s the same clip that played upon Shadow Mewtwo’s introduction, but it’s still cool to see it in some kind of context. We now know that the tournament he storms into is the Ferrum League.

The trailer, while it doesn’t reveal much gameplay or story wise, is still really fun and worth the watch. At only just over two minutes, it shouldn’t be too much of a bother, and if you’re anything like me, it will certainly have you wanting next month to come as quickly as possible.

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Written by George Comatas

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