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UPDATE (2/18): By popular demand, we have joined forces with Seth Hay to create two custom Gold Mega Man boxes for you. You can download the high quality images below!

With just a week until the release of the Mega Man Legacy Collection Collector’s Edition for the Nintendo 3DS, the folks over at Destructoid got an early look at what is included in the box.

For many amiibo collectors the appeal of this collector’s edition is the included gold Mega Man amiibo, which will not be sold separately from the game. Unfortunately the amiibo is packaged inside a generic plastic box, which doesn’t have a label and includes a blocker that prevents you from scanning figure into the game. So if you want to unlock the 11 exclusive challenges unique to this amiibo you’ll have to open him up.

In addition to the gold Mega Man amiibo, buyers will also be treated to 6 cards that feature art from the included games. The 6 art cards appear to be a bit bigger than the game case itself and will feature colorful designs of bosses from Mega Man’s history.

Inside the game case are several stickers and a redeemable voucher. The voucher is used to download 18 classic tunes from the official website, along with two unique Mega Man themes for your 3DS.

The collector’s edition will release on February 23 and will set you back $50. Fans can pre-order the game at GameStop.

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