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The new website for Twilight Princess is officially up for North America!

The website for the upcoming game launched in Japan about two weeks ago, and while visually we were treated, anyone that couldn’t read Japanese might have had a hard time understanding what was on the website. However, now those of us who only speak English can enjoy the site in its entirety!

The site looks fairly similar to its Japanese counterpart, with many of the elements and pages being the same. We’re greeted with the wonderful artwork of Link on Epona and Midna on Wolf Link, with an option to play the official trailer for the game right off the bat. By scrolling down, you’ll see the words “Restore balance to Hyrule before it plunges into shadow” before being directed to sections that have brief descriptions about the game, as well as links to the various pages on the website.


On the Story page, you can read all about the plot of Twilight Princess, from Link’s beginnings to the history of the Twilight Realm. On the Characters page, you can read brief descriptions about both the major and minor characters that make appearances throughout the game, as well as look at some screenshots. You can even filter them into friends or foes, which includes some common enemies you’ll find throughout Hyrule!

On the Controls page you can get some insight into the redesigned Wii U controls, including a look at the GamePad’s functionality. There are also details on the added Hero Mode which is available right from the beginning and the game’s Miiverse compatibility. The Map page of the website lets you take a look at some key locations throughout Hyrule, and also features some brief descriptions of the items you’ll get while you play the game, Wolf Link’s sixth sense, and the Hero’s Shade Hidden Skills. You can even see gifs of these skills in action!


And of course, the amiibo page lets you take a quick look at the amiibo compatibility of Twilight Princess HD, including the new Wolf Link amiibo which, as we all know by now, is included in the amiibo bundle of the game. This page also includes a video that shows off the Cave of Shadows, which is a new dungeon only accessible via the Wolf Link amiibo.

Lastly, you can take a look at the newest videos as well as grab some wallpapers of the game from the Media page.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD comes out on March 4th. You can check out the website here. Preorder your copy on Amazon today!

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