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Preregistration for Miitomo, Nintendo’s first ever mobile application set to launch next month, is now live!

What is preregistration, you ask? Well, by visiting the official Miitomo site, which is also live as of today, you’ll be given the chance to register interest in the app, meaning you’ll get an email as soon as the application launches for both iOS and Android. You’ll also receive a bonus in the form of Platinum Points for the new rewards program, My Nintendo, which is set to open up on the same day as Miitomo. These points will be redeemable for rewards, but they’ll only last six months after the launch of My Nintendo before expiring. Additionally, preregistration will end the day Miitomo launches, meaning this deal will only be around for about a month. If you want to get a head start on My Nintendo, I highly suggest doing this incredibly easy process.

In order to preregister, all you have to do is click the button on the homepage of the official Miitomo site, and if you’ve already registered for the just launched Nintendo Accounts, it will link the two services up and that’ll be it! If not, you’ll need to create a new account on Nintendo Accounts or log in using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or your existing Nintendo Network ID.

Miitomo Site 1

The pre-launch website itself is beautifully designed, and fittingly looks very “Mii.” It gives off an extremely peaceful Tomodachi Life vibe, which is appropriate, and sports the tagline “Think you know your friends? Guess again!” The website’s homepage also confirms the launch date as March of 2016, next month, though the exact date is still yet to be revealed (which is why preregistering is so important!)

The website also gives us a few details about the app itself. By scrolling down from the homepage, you’ll be shown a few slides describing what’s possible in the application. The first activity, as you could have guessed, is making a Mii that looks just like you… or not. The 3DS’ auto-Mii feature returns here, so by taking a photo of yourself using your smart device, you can have the game create a Mii for you. Hopefully, Miitomo will sport an even wider array of options in regards to facial features and hairstyles, to really cater to as many people as possible! You’ll also be able to customize your Mii’s speaking patterns and personality, much like in Tomodachi Life.

Miitomo Site 4

Your Miis are described in the app as “Social Go-Betweens,” meaning that your Mii will ask you questions that “you’d never think to ask yourself,” in an attempt to discover all the unique qualities that make you one-of-a-kind. Then, your Mii will deliver your answers to your friends’ Miis, who will do the same thing, and through this you’ll learn new and exciting things about your friends.

You’re also able to customize your Mii’s clothing and outfits, which is a nice change of pace from Miiverse, where you’re limited to just color options! From costumes to formal-wear, there’s a ton of variety in the Miitomo shop, which you can shop in using Miitomo coins. Miitomo coins are earnable through playing the app, or available through microtransactions.

Miitomo Site 5

Lastly, you’re able to create images cleverly called Miifotos, where you take your’s and your friend’s Miis and put them in various situations using stamps, fonts, and backgrounds. Alternatively, you can use photos you’ve taken yourself on your smart device as backgrounds! You’ll be able to share these on social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, and currently it looks like there’s a Miifoto Gallery on the website. It’s unclear yet if different users Miifotos will be featured here, but it is likely!

That’s all the information we have so far, but with the launch just a month away, there’s bound to be more information headed our way. Stay tuned for more info, and get excited for Nintendo’s first official app!

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