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UPDATE (02/15): Namco Bandai has stated there are no current plans for Pokkén Tournament DLC in the future. It’s unclear at the moment if this will also apply to the arcade version of the game, which featured late additions like Chandelure and Blaziken post-release.

A bunch of new details have been revealed regarding Pokkén Tournament, which is due out next month. The information comes from the official Japanese website, and includes details about the game, its content, and even Support Pokémon.

Starting off with the new supports, three new pairs have been revealed with official artwork. These pairs are Umbreon & Espeon, Cubone & Diglett, and Quagsire & Magneton. Espeon uses Morning Sun, which will heal a player’s HP as well as remove any current status conditions (confirming that there will indeed be status conditions). Umbreon uses Snarl, which “sucks up the opponent’s Resonance Gauge,” which we’re guessing keeps Pokémon from Mega Evolving (see below). Snarl will also prevent your opponents from being able to land critical hits.

Cubone has Bonemerang, which is a long-ranged attack that hits multiple times and drags opponents towards you. Diglett, shockingly, uses Dig. When your opponent has been hit by Dig, it opens them up for some brutal combos. Magneton uses Tri Attack, which will lower your opponent’s Speed and Attack stats. It’s used upward, so it’s great against jumping foes. And finally, Quagsire uses Mud Bomb, which is alternatively good against grounded players. It deals damage even when guarded against.

Just like some of the other previously announced Support Pokémon, the first and third pair revealed here also play off each other’s weaknesses. Umbreon’s Dark-type is strong against Espeon’s Psychic-type, and Quagsire’s Ground-type is strong against Magneton’s Electric- and Steel-types. Magneton’s Electric-type would also be effective against Quagsire’s Water-type, but because Quagsire is part Ground-type, there’s no effect at all, leaving it as a one-sided relationship. While this is a pattern that’s been occurring in the Support Pokémon pairs lately, there’s still no official word yet on whether or not this is purposeful, and if so, what significance it has.

The game has also been confirmed to take place in the Ferrum Region, with a special feature called the Ferrum League to only appear in the Wii U version. the Ferrum League includes four ranks: Green League, Blue League, Red League, and Chrome League. This league is also, if you recall, the league in which Shadow Mewtwo appears, and has already been confirmed to be a single player mode. If Shadow Mewtwo is set to make an appearance here, then it’s safe to assume that the Ferrum League comes into play later on in the game (unless the Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card unlocks this mode).


In the Ferrum Region, special stones called Resonance Stones link people and their Pokémon, much like Mega Stones and Key Stones. It’s unconfirmed yet whether or not this is how Pokémon are to Mega Evolve in Pokkén, but it’s a likely guess. Many trainers also inhabit the Ferrum Region, such as Nia, a girl who has a Weavile and helps players navigate the playable world. Some of the trainers in the game only exist on the Wii U version, such as Travis, who has a Garchomp, Keith, who has a Suicune (lucky Keith!), and Erin, who has a Braixen. And there’s you, of course! And don’t worry, the game lets you fully customize your character’s appearance, from gender to hair color to skin color, and more.

In order to unlock more stages and Support Pokémon, you’ll need to successfully beat certain stages.

Lastly, several new modes have also been revealed. Practice Mode is where you can practice with no time limit or health. Free Training is where you can, well, train freely. Combo Dojo is an area that will teach you how to perform various combos with different Pokémon. And lastly, My Town is a mode where you can change your character’s appearance and clothing by using the in-game currency PokéGold.

Thanks to Serebii for the translation!

Pokkén Tournament will be released worldwide on March 18th, 2016.

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