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The new Pokémon Magiana had everyone up in arms the other day, as questions arose about how this Pokémon hadn’t been discovered yet. However, the mysterious new Legendary still hadn’t been confirmed, with only one picture of it appearing in CoroCoro magazine. But, in an uncharacteristically quick response to the leak, Pokémon has officially confirmed the Pokémon’s existence.


In a couple of tweets by Pokémon’s official Twitter account, Magiana has been revealed to have the English name Magearna. This is a bit curious, as Pokémon has a tendency to keep the names of the Legendary Pokémon similar if not exactly the same, but this time around it makes a bit of sense. In Japanese, they lack the soft “g” sound, meaning that despite our immediate want to pronounce Magiana like “magic,” it’s pronounced more like “Maggie-na.” So, by translating its name to Magearna, Pokémon is now making the reading clear. It seems that the intent was to include sounds that sound like the word “gear,” so hopefully this translation will clear things up for a lot of fans.

Not much more information has been revealed, however Pokémon has stated that the US will see Magearna in the next Pokémon movie, due out this year. Magearna is also confirmed to be a Mythical Pokémon, which means that it will in fact be event-exclusive. However, there’s no word yet as to when we’ll see the release of it in-game – probably around the same time as Volcanion, as per their supposed relationship.

You can read about Magearna’s role in the next Pokémon movie on the official Pokémon website here.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the new Poké Ball-looking Legendary!

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Written by George Comatas

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