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A new trailer for Mega Man Legacy Collection has launched on Capcom’s YouTube channel. The game, known as Rockman Classics Collection in Japan, is a combination of the first six original games from the Mega Man series. The trailer isn’t particularly long, and only gives us brief looks into each of the games. With a title card for each, we’re given looks at the different Robot Masters from each game, and then shown little clips of gameplay.

There’s also a bit of text and accompanying images and clips, but I’m unfortunately unable to translate them at this time. The trailer, despite its short length, is enough to raise hype for the game. The music is upbeat and exciting and the short clips we get of each game are just enough to spark our interest and leave us wanting more of the past.

Despite the fact that the game is not exclusive to Nintendo consoles, the trailer specifically only lists the Nintendo 3DS at the end. This of course is the only version with an official collector’s edition, being paired with the Gold Mega Man amiibo, but the fact that it fails to mention Nintendo’s competing consoles at all is definitely a little strange.

Mega Man Legacy Collection hits store shelves on February 23rd. And, if you’re looking for the Gold Mega Man amiibo bundle, you can still find it in stock at GameStop!

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