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Some new details about Shadow Mewtwo in Pokkén Tournament have been revealed thanks to the latest batch of images from CoroCoro.


It’s mentioned that Shadow Mewtwo storms the single player mode called Ferrum League, though it’s unclear if this will be the name for the localized versions of the game. The magazine questions what Shadow Mewtwo’s motives and objectives are, and also makes note of its relation to “the mysterious girl.”

As far as combat details go, Shadow Mewtwo is confirmed to be able to use Psywave, which is said to be more of a close-ranged move used to set up combos. However, Psywave can be used in a multitude of ways. For example, Psywave can also be used as somewhat of a vortex to suck in further away opponents. It can also be used as a projectile.

Shadow Mewtwo can use a variety of Power and Technical moves that continuously shift to confuse opponents, and seems to be more of an offensive fighter. Additionally, the mysterious Pokémon is also confirmed to be able to use Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, and Ice Punch, all in quick succession. If you manage to land all three, it’ll do a great deal of damage.

Lastly, the magazine makes quick mention that standard Mewtwo will be able to use moves such as Hyper Beam.

Stay tuned for more CoroCoro information as it comes along!

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