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Likely in an attempt to build up some hype for the Mega Man series and the upcoming Mega Man Legacy Collection, a whole collection of Mega Man badges are set to release in the Japanese Badge Arcade later this month. According to Famitsu, distribution will begin on February 26th.

There isn’t any word yet on how many catchers are going to be available to play or if they’ll all be released on the same day or spread. However, the inclusion of third party content in the Nintendo Badge Arcade is a pretty big deal, and has only happened twice before with Monster Hunter and Hello Kitty badges! And, even those were only in Japan, meaning if we see these in other regions, it’ll be a first. Could this mean more potential for the Badge Arcade in the future, with third party badges appearing for games that are on the 3DS and Wii U?

While we don’t know much about the catchers, it looks like these screenshots give the world a bit of a sneak peek as to what a few of the badges look like:



There will likely also be some kind of special theme promotion to go along with these badges. Make sure to keep in mind that these are only confirmed for Japan release right now, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t see them on the 26th! I have no doubt we’ll see them later, though, so stay tuned!


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