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Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima has recently made mention that “development and planning efforts for NX in preparation for launch” has been steadily continuing.

Where the late president Satoru Iwata was often involved in the creative side, Kimishima comes from a strictly business background, and it’s starting to show– in a good way. He’s frequently made it apparent that he’d like the company to return to profits that it was used to previously within a few years, and it’s likely that the NX is one of the steps towards that.


“The previous and current fiscal years have been a period of preparation to launch a number of new endeavors,such as NX development, development for smart devices, and business using our character IP, in addition to driving our Wii U and Nintendo 3DS businesses,” responded the president to an investor’s question. This, along with the suggestion during last week’s Q&A at their third quarter financial meeting that a “dedicated gaming platform” will be launching this fiscal year, is clear evidence that the NX is definitely on the minds of everyone at the company.

However, it’s also clear that Nintendo’s not abandoning its current platforms. “At the same time, it has been our priority to take a close look at areas of our existing business where the revenue and expenses had become unbalanced, and to make sure that we corrected this balance,” Kimishima added.

Overall, it looks like the company’s efforts are pretty split– Kimishima is making sure that while the Wii U and 3DS is not forgotten, this next fiscal year is extremely important and measures are being taken to ensure Nintendo’s success.

“When you start any new business, it is important to make the public aware of what you will be doing. In the next fiscal year, we will have to make preparations and investments to achieve these goals, and that comes with certain costs. The question was to pick one area with which we will be able to achieve Nintendo-like profits, but I would like to suggest two areas. One area is our NX business, and another is our business for smart devices. I believe that keeping these two endeavors on track will be key to achieving Nintendo-like profits. I don’t have any further details to share about the next fiscal year at this time, but we will explain about our plan and when we will aim to achieve Nintendo-like profits at a future date.”

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Written by George Comatas

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