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Those looking forward to another space-faring adventure with Fox and friends might have to wait a bit longer: it seems a second delay for Star Fox Zero could be inevitable.

The rumors, reported by Nintendo Life and substantiated by their contributor Liam Robertson, involve uncertainty from Nintendo of Europe regarding if the game will satisfactorily pass quality assurance testing.

“I heard the QA team at NOE is going through a bit of a nightmare to get [Star Fox Zero] ready,” said Robertson on his Twitter account. “Nobody knows for sure if it’ll pass QA with a thumbs up. If [it] doesn’t pass QA, they can make a recommendation to NCL to delay it. They have about 2 weeks to get it ready for [certification].”


According to Nintendo Life’s report on the rumors, Nintendo’s QA team is not confident that players will enjoy Star Fox Zero’s motion controls, and that it is concerned that the game feels “disjointed.”

Their article also mentions Robertson’s record for breaking rumors, noting his leak of Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge information a month before it was officially revealed.

There has been no word from Nintendo confirming these reports.

Star Fox Zero is scheduled to be released on April 21st in Japan, April 22nd in North America and late April in Europe.

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Written by Daniel Dell-Cornejo

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