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The Ace Attorney 6 news keeps rolling in, and this time around we’ve got new details courtesy of Famitsu.

First up is the reveal of the new rival prosecutor: Nayuta Sadmadhi. An international lawyer of a currently indeterminate gender, Nayuta is a devout monk given the nickname “funeral prosecutor” in court. This religious aspect will be what drives the character, with the conviction of the guilty being seen as the only way to guide victims to the afterlife.


The rest of the scans reiterate much of what we found out back at Jump Festa in December, namely the return of Athena Cykes and a greater sense of freedom during investigation stages. A new character does make an appearance, however: Mimi, a magician who gets caught up in a new case. We also get a better look at the returning Mood Matrix, which seems to work as it did in Dual Destinies. Check out the scans below:

Ace Attorney 6 will be releasing in Japan sometime this year, and a release in North America and Europe has been confirmed.

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Written by Tom Brown

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