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A new trailer for Bravely Second: End Layer has just been released on Nintendo U.K.’s official YouTube channel, showing off the new character and game’s main protagonist Yew Geneolgia.

The new video shows Yew in three different scenarios, the first being a discussion he’s having with his other two Cavaliers, Janne and Nikolai. Yew encourages the two that they must travel to Skyhold. In the second scenario, Yew’s cowardly personality is shown off, and he talks to himself about being terrified of ghosts before being scared off by a ghost.

In the third scene we see him in, Yew is talking with Edea and Magnolia about rescuing Tiz and Agnès. Here is also where Yew’s odd passion of gravy is really shown off, which is something that supposedly gives him quite a bit of spirit.


You can look forward to playing as Yew and returning to the Bravely Default universe just this month if you’re in Europe, or in North America, on April 15th.

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Written by George Comatas

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