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A lot of interesting news came out of yesterday’s investor meeting, including amiibo sales numbers and the company’s interest in Virtual Reality; not to mention the big financial report that provided the world with a better understanding of where the company stands at the moment. Among these pieces of news was coverage of amiibo numbers. If you’ve been following this popular the toys-to-life line, these high numbers probably won’t shock you!

Global amiibo shipments have reached 31 million, and 9.9 million of those were shipped in the last quarter.

And here’s a breakdown of popular amiibo according to region:


    1. Girl (Splatoon)
    2. Squid
    3. Boy (Splatoon)
    4. Mario
    5. Classic Mario
    6. Modern Mario
    7. Isabelle
    8. Kirby
    9. Green Yarn Yoshi
    10. Digby


North America

    1. Link
    2. Bowser
    3. Toon Link
    4. Mewtwo
    5. Sonic
    6. Pikachu
    7. Classic Mario
    8. Pac-Man
    9. Mega Man
    10. Ganon



    1. Classic Mario
    2. Link
    3. Squid
    4. Green Yarn Yoshi
    5. Mario
    6. Smash Mario
    7. Pikachu
    8. Boy
    9. Toad
    10. Girl (Splatoon)

It looks like all the Splatoon amiibo, as well as Classic Mario, dominated the charts in every region. Considering Splatoon and Super Mario Maker’s popularity and award winning statuses worldwide, that piece of news shouldn’t come as a surprise!

Many thanks to @Cheesemeister3k for translating this information.

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