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One of the most intriguing games announced for the 3DS this year is most definitely Detective Pikachu. Since its announcement last week, there’s been an overwhelming amount of interest expressed by fans of the game online. So much that fans have taken it upon themselves to petition for Danny DeVito to voice Detective Pikachu if it’s localized.

Now that fans in Japan have had their hands on the game for over 24 hours, it seemed fitting that a spoiler-free retrospective of the game popped up.

The game portrays Pikachu as a Sherlock Holmes-like character, who teams up with a young boy named Tim Goodman. The duo works together to help solve crimes and mysteries in a town inhabited by both Pokémon and humans. Without spoiling too much of the game’s story, we’ll only cover the basics: Tim has come to Rhyme City to search for his father, Harry Goodman (also a detective), who has inexplicably gone missing for two months. Detective Pikachu had been Harry’s partner and decides to team up with Tim to find the missing man.


The gameplay and case solving seems to be quite simplistic, but it definitely looks entertaining. It’s a point-and-click adventure and requires the player to solve somewhat basic puzzles. Much of the game revolves around talking to others, solving puzzles and searching for clues/evidence.

Detective Pikachu looks and sounds like fun, and it even features several CGI cutscenes– which is pretty impressive, considering it’s an eShop download. Players can expect the game to last about six to eight hours, give or take, and they can also expect to interact with a wide range of Pokémon from all the generations.

What’s most intriguing about the this new gem of a title is that it appears to be the first of an episodic release of games. If and when the next episode is released, you can expect to hear about it on Nintendo Inquirer as soon as the news breaks!


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Written by Frank Costagliola

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