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During Nintendo’s most recent financial meeting, the Kyoto based company hinted that they were working on its second game for smartphones.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo has taken a hit on net profits this quarter, but tried to make it up to their investors by announcing that another mobile game was in the works. It is said that this new mobile game will feature one of Nintendo’s “best-known characters.”

Unfortunately, Nintendo didn’t confirm which one of its characters would be featured in the upcoming mobile game, but gave reassurance to their investors that it would be exciting.


In October, Nintendo and DENA announced that they were working on the company’s first mobile game named, Miitomo, and that it would be released in March of 2016. The game will act as a social network of sorts and will revolve around the use of Miis to connect players. The mobile game has a striking resemblance to Nintendo’s 2014 game Tomodachi Life and wasn’t the “game” many fans were expecting.

The Nintendo and DENA partnership is scheduled to release five more games by next year and will feature some of Nintendo’s biggest franchises.

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Written by Frank Costagliola

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