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My Nintendo, the new account system and reward program from Nintendo, has been fully detailed on Nintendo’s Japanese event page. The all new service will be launching this March and is planned to expand to 39 countries! The program will feature coupons, email promotions, downloads, and cloud based data services, including a revamped friend list. The account system appears to be fully customizable, which will allow users to create custom profiles. It will recommend people content based on their interests.


My Nintendo will also allow users to purchase content from their web browsers or mobile devices and transfer it automatically to a Wii U or 3DS system.


The new reward system is definitely similar to Club Nintendo, but there are obvious differences between the two. Users have the ability to earn two types of points, Platinum Points and Gold Points. Platinum Points appear to be used for themes, downloadable games and gear for your avatar, while Gold Points will be used for coupons on games and downloadable content.


We expect to hear more about My Nintendo as it approaches its release in March. Stay tuned to Nintendo Inquirer for more information!

Special thanks to Twitter users @Cheesemeister3k and @ZhugeEX for the translations!

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Written by Jason Ganos

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