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A few days ago, a whole new collection of art from the upcoming Twilight Princess HD came into our hands.

The new art features quite a few characters from the game, some more minor than others, but all important. Even more important, however, is the fact that the new art is absolutely gorgeous. We’ll be going over all the new pieces here and comparing some of them to the old works of art from the game’s original release.


Princess Zelda didn’t have much of an “official illustration” from the original Twilight Princess, instead having concept art and an in game model, and neither compare to the new piece depicting her. In both instances of her old artwork, Zelda appears as she always does, an elegant but delicate female figure. There’s not much to say about her artwork here, as her face is almost expressionless. In her new artwork, however, Zelda’s face tells it all: this is a princess that knows of the world around her and will do whatever she needs to save it. She knows how to use the rapier she dons, and she’s not afraid to wield it if need be. In her new artwork, Zelda’s face is fierce, but still royal and elegant. Jaded, but wise and tactical. In all honesty, this rendition of Zelda may be one of the best Zelda depictions we’ve ever gotten, and I can only hope it carries over into the game.

TP Ganondorf

Ganondorf’s new artwork is just as intimidating as Zelda’s is empowering. Wielding his large, silver sword, Ganondorf comes marching straight towards you, eyes locked with yours, the intentions on his mind surely wicked. His colors are terrifyingly dark, even for Twilight Princess’ standards, spare for the large, glowing yellow crack he bears on his chestplate. Ganondorf’s new artwork depicts him as a sturdy force not to be reckoned with. While his original artwork is menacing, his eyes stay a good distance from your own, and his sword is sheathed, making him appear as much less of a threat. Bathed in shadows, though, this new depiction of Ganondorf is absolutely chilling.

TP Midna

Midna painfully lacked official art from the original game, though this was probably to avoid spoilers. Midna’s new art, however, is perfect for her. While simple, the art is unmistakably impish and fun, with Midna all but saying “I’m here, and I’m in control. Get over it.” While there isn’t too much else to say about it, it is worth noting the amount of detail and texture that went into the Fused Shadow. Midna also got new artwork atop Wolf Link, in a really cool action shot between the both of them. Again, there’s not much to say other than the fact that Midna looks right at home, but the detail work is commendable!

All four of the Spirits of Light have received the new artwork treatment as well. While it’s hard to talk about these too much past their beauty, the amount of detail in comparison to their in-game models from the original game is astounding. For Spirits of Light, they seemed rather dull, but their new artwork depicts them just as they should be. The light physics are breathtaking and with the radiance and subtle rainbows added to each, we’re given a breath of fresh air in the dark and gloomy world of Twilight Princess.


Oddly enough, Queen Rutela has also received new artwork, along with the Great Fairy. Both characters on the minor side, though still beloved, these two likely also didn’t originally receive official artwork to avoid spoilers. Queen Rutela’s artwork depicts her perfectly, though, with the fact that she’s a ghost just barely obvious to those that aren’t the most observant. Her face looks saddened and dismal, which is appropriate considering the worsening condition of her son, and her restlessness as a spirit. However, she’s still beautiful and unique as ever, being the only Zora to ever be depicted with coral-like qualities.

TP Great Fairy New

Meanwhile the Great Fairy looks as whimsical as ever. Her wings a beautiful bloom of color and light, The Great Fairy is also a nice refreshment from the often de-saturated Twilight Princess. Notably younger and more subdued than most Great Fairies, she’s also much less intimidating and more approachable as a result, which may just be what we need in a game like this. Not much else to say about this piece, but it is beautiful!

TP Link New

And lastly, of course, we have Link. While there were quite a few pieces of official artwork of our hero for the original game, none in my opinion were as wonderful as this. Backed by the spirit of his wolf-self, Link is about to unleash what looks to be like a very powerful attack, full of vigor and fierceness that can’t be rivaled. The detailing and texture work on Link, his hair and his tunic, as well as the fur on Wolf Link’s muzzle, are to be applauded as well. Overall, the first time I saw Link’s new picture, I got chills, both from nostalgia and excitement for the remaster.

Overall, the new artwork is all incredible. I’m a big fan of every piece and, remarkably, the artists have managed to keep the artwork feeling very much like Twilight Princess, with the art style staying very similar to the originals. All in all, the new art’s got me extremely hyped for the upcoming game, which launches on March 4. Thanks again to Zelda Informer for the images, and make sure to pre-order your copy on Amazon!

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