A new Hyrule Warriors Legends trailer has been released on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel.

The trailer is titled “Legendary Warriors Unleashed Trailer” and it’s a quick one. A mere 30 seconds, the video shows off a number of the Warriors from the game, all new to the Legends port. Seen in the video are Toon Link performing his spin attack, Ganondorf with his new Trident weapon as well as unleashing some powerful magic on his foes, Skull Kid and his Ocarina weapon, the King of Hyrule transforming into the King of Red Lions, Tetra showing off her Cutlass with finesse, and lastly, Linkle with her Dual Crossbows. You can check out more about the characters here!

The video finishes with a short cut to the logo, release date, and an interesting bit of information on the bottom left corner: “best enjoyed New Nintendo 3DS XL.”

Hyrule Warriors hits store shelves on March 25th.

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Written by George Comatas

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