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The Splatoon amiibo were the talk of the town for quite some time upon their release, but with only three to add to fans’ collections, it left amiibo collectors everywhere eager for more. Nobody really knew what other kind of amiibo they could make for Splatoon, aside from the Squid Sisters, though whenever this was brought up it was often dismissed. What could Squid Sister amiibo do, anyway?

Well, if you were one of the people whose were hopeful about seeing Callie and Marie in figurine form, it looks like your time has finally come. Twitter user NWPlayer1234 has dove into the code of the newest Splatoon update and found something extremely interesting: two new amiibo references.

NWPlayer1234 has a bit of a reputation for digging into Splatoon’s code and leaking information after updates. She’s already known for giving information about new weapons and levels before they’ve been announced.

Already existing in the code were AmiiboModelF, AmiiboModelM and AmiiboModelS, which obviously stand for “Model Female,” “Model Male,” and “Model Squid.” In Splatoon’s newest files, two more of these have been found, but instead of “Model,” the code reads AmiiboIdolA and AmiiboIdolB. These are clearly a hint to Callie and Marie, who are idols in the squid world.


NWPlayer1234 was mentioned this in a DM to her Twitter account when asked about how she found the code:

“Basically you can download the update data from their servers and disassemble the code, that’s just one of the “strings,” they added the last 2 entries in 2.4.0 update.”

No hint as to what the amiibo could do just yet, but stayed tuned and we’ll keep you updated with any more news regarding the rumor! Interestingly enough, this is coming conveniently right around the time the Squid Sisters concert celebrated Splatoon’s 1 million sale mark.

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Written by George Comatas

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