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With February fast approaching, the Pokémon 20th Anniversary celebration is about to kick off! Not only will it see the release of Red, Blue and Yellow versions in the 3DS eShop, but the more modern Pokémon titles will be receiving monthly mystery gifts of highly elusive and sought after Pokémon from all six generations. The celebration of these mythical ‘mons are not limited to digital distribution, as a series of plushes based on each of them, including Pikachu, are going to be coming to stores as well. The first of these can already be found in GameStop stores: the aforementioned Pikachu as well as Mew, the very first mythical Pokémon! While Pikachu should be available at multiple retailers, Mew is exclusive to GameStop. This is in line with its distribution and Pokémon TCG box set, coming later in February.



The first thing to note about the plushes is their packaging. Each are in a soft plastic case with a zipper along the top surface. The front features art of the Pokémon as well as their National Pokédex number and a 20th anniversary logo different from the already seen design. The circular insignia features a golden “20” with a Pikachu silhouette within the zero. It’s simple, yet eye-catching, just like the Poké Ball “window” on the side of the case, allowing you to get a feel for your new Pokémon friend. The back of the packaging features Pokédex-like info on the Pokémon, serving as a nice bit of flavor to the case and its contents.

Once opened you’ll find yourself holding a supremely soft, crushed velvet plush that simply begs to be hugged. I’ve seen and felt a lot of Pokémon plushes and these still manage to stand out. For those more interested in displaying, a subtle shine makes them stand out among other plushes and works especially well on the legendary Mew. At eight inches they’re small enough to have on a desk or shelf but still large enough to get a satisfying amount of love from.


Best of all, the rest of the mythical Pokémon will be seeing plushes in the same style! Some of these will be exclusive to GameStop, while others will be released only at Toys“R”Us: Mew, Darkrai, Arceus and Genesect will all be at GameStop, while Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy, Shaymin, Victini, Keldeo and Meloetta can will be found at Toys”R”Us. Expect them to be available by or near the beginning of their designated months. Each retails for $16.99, though no word yet on potential pricing at Toys“R”Us. The plushes are all listed as “limited edition” on the official Pokémon 20th anniversary website, so fans should act fast to get these elusive, rare Pokémon.

Look forward for more details and photos of these as they’re released, with Celebi coming in March exclusively to Toys”R”Us. And for now, please enjoy our gallery of our recently acquired Pikachu and Mew plushes below!

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Written by Ricky Berg

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