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Fire Emblem fans looking to see literally everything the game will have to offer rejoice: Details on what exactly you’ll receive in Map Pack 1 have just been revealed. Just like Awakening, multiple downloadable maps will be made available for purchase, ranging from ways to receive characters, items, and even high amounts of gold and experience. These last two may be particularly helpful for players of the Conquest version of the game, which like more classic Fire Emblem titles will see less resources readily available by default. Those playing Birthright should definitely check out the details too though, as there’s quite a bit on offer.


When Fire Emblem Fates launches on February 19th the first map pack will be available as a free download. Once Chapter 6 is reached in either Birthright or Conquest, players will gain access to the Dragon’s Gate. This will serve as the access point and marketplace for the DLC as it’s released, with the “Before Awakening” map waiting for you. This one will feature appearances by key characters from the Halidom of Ylisse, along with a handful of item-based rewards. From that point on there will be one or two maps released every week (with the exception of March 10th) all the way through to April 21st.

Looking through the list there a few clear standouts. While the gold, weapons and experience-based packs will be helpful and the illustrations available in the “Beach Brawl” pack are sure to excite fans, those looking for more class options should keep their eyes on the last few sets of content. “Ballistician Blitz” and “Witches’ Trial” will both be providing classes that American Fire Emblem fans have never seen before when they release in April. Best of all it looks like one of these items will be free as “A Gift from Anna”, a special, one-time map. Speaking of everyone’s favorite merchant-thief she will be available as a character with the “Anna on the Run” map launching April 7th. The “Royal Royale” map on March 17th may also see some more classes brought to your army, such as the returning and powerful Dread Knight and even the Dark Flier, the only way the Galeforce ability will be available in the game.


For those intrigued by the rich story on display across the game’s multiple versions, the “Hidden Truths” maps coming March 24th will be the most recommended purchase. It will serve as a prologue, exploring the events before the game’s plot kicks off. Looking at the price points for each individual map release, Map Pack 1 represents a $5 savings as well as the convenience of automatically receiving the maps when they become available versus repeat purchases. The website also mentions “bonus content” for pass holders that may sway those on the fence about claiming the entire collection. It should also be noted Map Pack 1 does not include the Revelation storyline coming March 10th, nor the storyline for the path you did not start with/purchase at retail.

Fire Emblem Fates is shaping up to be the title to play on the 3DS this year, and with how enjoyable Awakening was all of Nintendo Inquirer is eagerly awaiting its release. Look forward to more coverage leading up to and once the game releases on February 19th!

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Written by Ricky Berg

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