As of this morning, more images of the previously announced Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card have been released. Following the release of the details on Pokkén Tournament’s current amiibo functionality, it was specified that while the card’s use will stay the same throughout the world, its design will vary from region to region.

Right off the bat, we were given the design for the Japanese and North American cards, which made it clear that the designs would be different regionally. The new images from today have shown us the designs for Europe’s localization, and there are a number of minor differences. Shadow Mewtwo’s name appears not only in English, but in German, Spanish, and Italian as well. However, the most notable difference is the back of the card’s design, with Pokkén’s name and logo appearing in German alongside its English counterpart.


The Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card will be packaged with the first run of Pokkén Tournament and will unlock Shadow Mewtwo immediately upon scanning it to the game. Do you think we’ll see more amiibo functionality for Pokkén, and if so, will we see cards or figures? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by George Comatas

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