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The Pokémon Super Bowl trailer is here, and with it is a whole heap of Easter eggs! Take a look below for what you might have missed while watching the ad:

A sign that reads “Learn to Surf HM03” can be seen at the 15 second mark at the chess hall. The weather for the Kanto region can also be seen in the bottom right hand corner of the TV screen. You can also see details of a roadblock on route 12, a nod to Snorlax.

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A Nidoking chess piece can be seen at the 21 second mark.

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A Volcano Badge can be seen on the football players’ helmets at the 33 second mark.

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Two football jerseys read “1996.” A nod to the Japanese release date of Pokémon.


The phrase “LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS” is written above the doorway in the football team’s locker room at 37 seconds in. A nod to the original Pokémon theme song.

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An ad for Moo Moo Milk, Rare Candy and the Game Arcade can be seen in the Tokyo shot at the 40 second mark.

Pokémon Super Bowl Ad 2016: Easter Eggs

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