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UPDATE (1/20): The special edition Fire Emblem Fates 3DS XL is now up for pre-order at GameStop. Pick it up while you can!

Among the multitude of titles discussed during Nintendo’s North American press event today, Fire Emblem Fates was a highlight with two new pieces of news coming to light.

The first is in the form of DLC. Like Awakening, Fates is going to enjoy quite a bit of downloadable content to add even more missions and maps to the already expansive game. These pieces of map DLC are planned for Fates starting at launch, and will continue to be released weekly after the game is released. Specific details on the DLC have not been announced yet, and it’s unknown whether or not the new content will include anything else aside from new maps, such as new playable characters.

The second piece of news is hardware related, with Fates officially receiving its own special edition New 3DS XL. Awakening also received a special edition 3DS for its release, featuring the sword Falchion, which was central to the plot and gameplay. This new Fates 3DS will feature patterns from both sides of the storyline, with the front being a stark white with the Hoshido symbol, and the back being a dark black with the Nohr symbol. Both sides feature silhouettes of dragon-like creatures, most likely as a reference to the Dragon’s Vein plot point that is prevalent in both sides.


The 3DS will be priced at $199.99 and is not a bundle, meaning that no version of Fates is included with the handheld. This is most likely to keep the pricing on the 3DS down. No word yet on pre-orders, so keep checking back for more info!

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