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UPDATE (1/20): Thanks to a more thorough translation of the original Famitsu article, we now know some more specifics regarding Twilight Princess HD’s amiibo support. Firstly, whereas every other Zelda amiibo can only be tapped once per day, you can tap Ganondorf’s figure whenever you want to increase the challenge. This added hard mode makes Link’s health bar go from red to blue, and while there’s no reward for using it you’ll definitely get some bragging rights!


It is also confirmed that the Twilight Cave and the Trial of the Beast are indeed likely one and the same, and it is a 40 floor sequence of battle challenges which you face solely as Wolf Link. Players will also be able to store a number on the Wolf Link amiibo which you can then use as a sort of save point; presumably this is how you continue your progress in the Twilight Cave, but this is one aspect Famitsu doesn’t divulge too much information on.

Just a few days ago, thanks to Amazon France, we learned some interesting new details about the upcoming Wolf Link amiibo and its Twilight Princess HD functionality. Back then we only got some enigmatic hints at a new dungeon and confirmation that the other Zelda amiibo would restock Link’s items and health. Now we have more specific details, thanks to a Famitsu leak.

The amiibo-unlocked dungeon, which was named “The Twilight Cave” in the earlier leak, is referred to as the “Trial of the Beast” this time around. It’s unclear at the moment if these are one and the same, but it is by completing this dungeon that you unlock the Bottomless Wallet, granting Link the ability to carry 9999 Rupees (a massive increase over the original game’s limit of 1000.) The leak also mentions the ability to heal Wolf Link by the amount of hearts he managed to keep in the dungeon, presumably by tapping the amiibo at any time, but it’s too early to say for sure.


Famitsu also re-iterates that the other Zelda amiibo will help restock Link, but the item is dependent on the character. Link and Toon Link replenish arrows, whereas Zelda and Sheik refill hearts. Ganondorf, on the other hand, does the opposite – by tapping his amiibo, you take twice as much damage. It’ll be interesting to see how brutal this effect becomes if you play on the also-leaked Hero Mode difficulty.

Of course there is still a lot we don’t know. We know that Wolf Link will transfer some form of data to the upcoming Zelda Wii U, but the specifics are still shrouded in mystery. Be sure to keep checking back as we uncover more!

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